Today starts the amazing Scullys 50´s birthday charity fundraiser to raise a lot, lot, lot of money to help SaYes. Together with heArt for charity we made this amazing event come true. Gillian Anderson signed exclusively for this auction amazing merchendise and artworks. SaYes is the charitable project which was choosen by Gillian Anderson. All the profits go via Friends of SaYes directly to SaYes. Just pick up your birthday candle and place a bid on that amazing items. Round one is now live on ebay:








This years X-Mas charity is starting soon. We are helping Sa-Yes with auction off lots of cool stuff signed by Gillian Anderson in various rounds. When everything is getting ready, you will read it here. Keep your eyes open !

We are running for Sa-Yes !

Color Run Berlin Oct 6th 2013

*NEW* eBay auctions

Round 1 >>> x-philanthropy



We´ve a new e-mail account :


Fanderson 2012


21. JULI 2012 ab 16:00 h bei MSN


We´re up on twitter now

Annual IBG inc "All Things" Marathon 2012

We´re supporting IBG inc. to benefit

"Artists for a New South Africa"Artists for a New South Africa

NF Summer Camp 2012

We have a couple of auctions up to benefit the german organisation of Neurofibromatosis. We are very proud that we had the chance to get Gillian Anderson involved. Round one is up now. Happy bidding


We proudly announce that we got 200 euros for Buskaid with our christmas fundraiser ! Thanks to everyone who is supporting us!

Buskaid Charity 2010



XF3 is out there !

The smell of XF3 Nov. 22th 2010

We are proud to announce that we got 165 Euros to donate to Buskaid. Thanks to everyone who joined the fundraiser.

Buskaid fundraiser 2010 (shirts & bags)

Happy 17th Birthday September 10th 2010

Happy birthday X-Files !

***NEW XF3 SHIRTS*** June 2010


Have a look and donate some money for Buskaid !

Godfrey from Alinyiikira was in Germany May 2010

Maya met Godfrey from Alinyiikira




heART May, 24th 2010

Visit the great site from "heART" and have

a look to that great idea !

Happy Easter ! April 2010

Hello Philes !

"X-Philanthropy" just want to wish you a happy easter !

Hope you all have a good easter hunt and enjoy your days.

Thanks for all the support !


Yours X-Philanthropy Team

Buskaid fundraiser Feb. 03th 2010

You donated money for Buskaid and you want to know for what the money will used for ?

Have a look >>>

Help for Haiti Jan. 15th 10

Haiti Disaster Relief

Mail from Buskaid Jan. 12th 10

We just received a message from Rosemary Nalden from Buskaid.

She is very happy about the big donation !

We should decide what exactly will happen with the money.

We will let you know !


Happy new X-Philanthropy year

NEW Alinyiikira school fundraiser

School start gift for Alinyiikira


X-Mas Charity Dec 24th 2009

Ho Ho Ho!

Today is christmas! We want to inform you, that our X-Mas Charity for Buskaid is over now! We reached a total amount of 300 Euros. In the next days we will contact Buskaid and will transfer the money to them!
Thanks to everyone who joined our charity and helped the Soweto String Project!

Have yourself a merry little christmas...

Dec. 6th 2009 Santa Claus

Happy St. Claus to all Philes !

Nov. 21th 2009 X-Philanthropy commercial at Big Light (Links)

Nov. 18th 2009 NEW message from Gillian

Visit GAWS to read it - it´s fantastic ;)

Nov. 17th ...,it´s Frank´s birthday !


Happy Birthday Frank !

Chill pak Hollywood hour from the X-Con

Visit the "X-Con" channel on You Tube and watch

Chillpak Hollywood Hour Live in Berlin

Aussie Philes donation

Aussie - Philes donat

$ 5533.15

for "Off the streets kids"




New Buskaid CD / November 16th 2009


New Buskaid CD: Crazy

Just in time for holiday giving, Buskaid is delighted to announce that their latest CD Crazy has been released.

Crazy is a vibrant collection of Timothy Kraemer’s brilliant and original string arrangements of favourite classic pops including Mamma Mia, Sweet Dreams and many others, and also includes several witty arrangements by William Thorp, of Broadway hits such as Let’s Do It and Makin' Whoopee.

Both of these discs are available to order from Buskaid's website at, priced £17.99 (Soweto Strings) and £12.00 (Crazy).

If you are in the U.S.A., you may also purchase by emailing your request to


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