Season 11 fundraiser August/September 2017

Round one will support Traget Zero


Round two will support SAYes

Here you go :

...and the winner is


Congrats Pavel - the winner of our fundraiser ! Thanks to everyone else who joined our fundraiser to support SAYes - thank you Friends of SAYes Germany , thank you Kathy, thank you Maggie, thank you Sandra - thank you to all the beautiful donators from around the world and who helped to spread the word , for all the retweets and shout outs ! We will publish the final result in the next few days.


                  One ticket is 10 €

For any additional raffle tickets, donate another 5 Euros eXtra. This increase your chance to win.

You are happy about the new X-Files season ?

You want to be part of this season?

This is your chance !

Join the new fundraiser from Friends of SAYes Germany & X-Philanthropy.

One of you has the opportunity to name a character in the upcoming season.


How can you participate ?

1. Donate 10 Euros and you will have one raffle ticket in our lottery. For any additional raffle tickets, donate another 5 Euros extra. This increases your chance to win.

2. Keep your fingers crossed and watch us announcing the winner between July 1th and 5th.

3. The Deadline is June 30th 2017.


The raised money will be donated to SAYes.

Please note:
We can't give you any information about the character, because we don't know how or where or when it will be used. The producer said, in all likelihood it will be a minor character. It could be anything from a victim to an officer or anything else. We just don’t know yet. Most likely we can tell you after filming is done in which episode your name will take part.
The winner should give at least 3-5 names, knowing that only one will be used, but if none of them pass Fox legal the winner have to come up with more options. The names should be male and female and should have name and surename.
Please note also that you may not use a name of a celebrity or other well known characters or personalities such as criminals or convicts. Be creative and create your own name.

Words (names) that don't meet our requirements will be eliminated.


You have items from "The X-Files" which you don´t need or which you would love to donate for a good cause? Well, that´s perfect. You are our man! Just let us know. We are planning to get the items signed and auction them off at this years X-Mas fundraiser to help SAYes!