How exciting would it be to be part of the new X-Files series !?  Well here is your chance !  We have a new fundraiser which gives you the opportunity to live the dream!  If you would love to be a part of this unique opportunity  then all we require from you is a photo of yourself and a minimum donation of 30 Euros or 50 Euros (We have two options) which will benefit Gillian Andersons charity SA-YES.  Your photo will be added to a mosaic collage which will be displayed in one episode of the new X- Files series like in Mulders office or something like that. If this is something that you would love to be a part of, here are the details:

We have two options:

Option 1 :

Send one picture to us and give a minimum donation of 30 Euros.

Option 2 :

Send two pictures to us and give a minimum donation of 50 Euros.



DONATE 50 € and send

TWO photos for the mosaic 


DONATE 30 € and send

ONE photo for the mosaic 


Take a high resolution quality photo of yourself (Philes style if you like ;-) )


Email your photo before May 15th to


Once received you will get a confirmation email.


Next step is to Donate. Use the Donate button to send your donation, which will go directly to SA-YES. Please note that we will only use your photo once we receive payment.
Please tell all your Phile friends and help us spread the word !

Chris Carter confirmed it and he is very happy that X-Philanthropy and Friends of SA-YES Germany are doing this great fundraiser. He wrote that to us: "It's a dream come true that something you create goes on to create its own goodness and infects people with a spirit of generosity.”

Mosaic photo example

You have items from "The X-Files" which you don´t need or which you would love to donate for a good cause? Well, that´s perfect. You are our man! Just let us know. We are planning to get the items signed and auction them off at this years X-Mas fundraiser to help Sa-Yes!