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The auctions are close, and we’ve got a bag of sweets for you!



All Items Signed by Gillian Anderson


This is why we are thrilled to announce that, next to all of our items, Gillian Anderson generously agreed to sign all contributed heART artworks. We couldn’t be more grateful for that much support, and are proud to provide a sneak peek for proof:




We hope you are as excited as we are!

But who are these charity auctions for?, you may be asking yourself now. Well, we left up the decision to our muse and activist role model: next to supporting our event with her signatures, Gillian Anderson also picked a worthy cause to donate all our proceeds to.

Therefore it’s with great pleasure that we, heART and X-Philanthropy, present:


Scully’s 50th Birthday – A Charity Auction Event for SA-YES

SA-YES stands for South African Youth Education for Sustainability, and they have been the beneficiary of our latest X-Mas charity too.


According to UNICEF, there are over 21,000 children living in 345 registered children’s homes in South Africa. At 18 they are forced to leave when government funding ceases. There is no support system for them and a scarcity of alternative care programmes. SA-YES aims to fill this gap by providing these young people affected with guidance that will enable them to develop their skills, further their education and source suitable housing, in order for them to participate in society as independent, responsible adults. The funds raised by our charity event will go directly to help SA-YES train mentors and develop support services.


Gillian Anderson co-founded SA-YES in 2008, and has been raising money for them ever since; read a message from her on why it is important to support these young South Africans setting the course of their lives at such a crucial time.[1]




Auctions To Go Live on eBay on February 12th


Now, we’ve only got one more week of art introductions to tickle your fancy. After that,we will hit off the auctions with a first round of signed X-Files and Gillian Anderson related items, and we will follow up with auctioning a first set of donated artworks, ending on February 23rd – Scully’s birthday! But that’s not all there is; there will be a third and fourth round, the last of which will be starting on March 6 – the day Mulder and Scully first met – and feature items from both heART and X-Philanthropy.


Round One: X-Philanthropy | February 12-16
Round Two: heART | February 19-23
Round Three: heART | February 26 – March 2
Round Four: heART & X-Philanthropy | March 6-9


We are going to use our e-bay account to sell all donated items. Just like during our latest auction event, this will allow us to work with  to ensure that all funds raised through our charity event will reach SA-YES directly. This means that even if we wanted to, none of the organisers or contributing artists of us would be able to make any profits from these auctions.

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